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Saltwater Grill is now Celebrating 22 Years of Excellence!

Since 1999, our chefs have created a new standard in excellence by using our unique recipes and the freshest ingredients to create impeccable cuisine that is guaranteed to please our new guests and our loyal customers alike. Our secret is a dedication to excellence, a passion for new and fresh recipes, and a penchant for service that is second to none. Saltwater Grill creates a culinary experience that will never disappoint. Join us for an unforgettable experience for lunch, dinner, or a dessert and drinks.

Saltwater Grill

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Most any time of the year, this stylish Strand-area restaurant is packed to the gills, so reservations are definitely recommended.

Shiny stainless-steel buckets produce the menu items identified as “from the kettle:’ including a full-bodied-gumbo, the island’s best steamed mussels and a lighter version of shrimp scampi. As good as all of these are, the kitchen turns out some of its own wonders. Seafood catches change daily but are always reliable. A recent visit hooked tasty versions of grilled snapper, salmon and sea bass. This restaurant could hold its own anywhere. If it were in Houston, in fact, you would never be able to get a table.”

– Houston Press

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Genuine hospitality, a vibrant atmosphere, and impeccable attention to service!

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